10 Functional Small Window Curtain Ideas: Trending In 2024

Having small windows at your place is not a flaw. If styled with suitable curtains, these windows look great with your interior. Various curtains are available in the market, which confuses people when making an ideal decision. If you also want to buy window curtains or coverings for small windows and are confused about which one to choose, stop worrying now. 

In this blog by omnifloor.ae, we will discuss 10 functional small window curtain ideas that will be trending in 2024. We also list the things you must consider before buying the curtains. Read the blog carefully and decide which curtains to buy for your small windows. 

Explore 10 Functional Small Window Curtain Ideas

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 small window curtain ideas that will help to improve the beauty of your window and place.



  • Floral Printed Curtains 

For your small windows, you can choose light-colored curtains with floral prints, such as yellow, pink, blue, and green. These curtains make your small windows look spacious. Furthermore, you must choose lightweight fabrics like sheer or cotton. 

  • Valance Curtains 

The valence curtains are very easy to install. These window coverings are available in different colors, materials, designs, and patterns. So, explore the collection of these curtains and choose the design that perfectly matches your interior. 

  • Cottage Window Curtains 

These curtains are usually designed with vibrant autumn colors that add depth to your window without occupying much space. The cottage curtains will block the sun’s UV rays to protect your furniture, flooring, and other artwork. 

  • Arched Pattern Curtains 

These curtains are ideal choices for small bathrooms or kitchen windows. Their elegant patterns will style the window so it looks good. Moreover, their arched valance provides an extra layer of privacy and insulation. 

  • Custom-made Abstract Curtains 

Custom-made curtains with abstract patterns can also be the best option for small windows. When customizing, always choose very basic and elegant patterns. Pairing the right design of curtains will help you achieve personalized interior decor. 

  • Cafe Curtains 

The cafe window curtains will cover the window entirely and allow light and air to enter your place. Ultimately, these window coverings keep your place bright and airy. You can install these curtains in your home and offices. 

  • Swag Curtains 

The fabrics of swag curtains gracefully cover the top part of the window. You can pair these curtains with any lining to achieve the desired functionality. Besides all that, you can also use them separately to decorate the window. 

  • Lace Curtains 

You can install the lace curtains on your small window if you want to get some vintage feel. These curtains provide light diffusion and elegant settings to beautify your windows and improve their functionality. 

  • Tea Towel Tabs 

These window coverings are designed with delicate fabric like the cafe curtains. The tea towel tabs perfectly match every interior, whether modern or traditional. For a more aesthetic feel, you must choose the beige color pallet. These color curtains create a beachy and more relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Tassel Window Curtains 

Last but not least, you can also improve the beauty of your small windows by installing tassel window curtains. These window coverings will add a royal and luxurious touch to the interior. 

Things To Consider Before Buying The Window Curtains For Small Windows 

These were the 10 window curtain ideas and designs ideal for small windows. Now, consider crucial factors before buying window coverings. 

  • Measure The Window Precisely 

Always measure the window precisely before finalizing the curtain for your small window. Take the window measurement thrice to get the most accurate result. According to the experts, the curtain’s length and width should be 2 to 3 inches more than the actual window dimensions. 

  • Fabric Texture 

You must check the fabric texture of the curtains for small windows. Printed curtains usually look best on these windows. You can choose cotton, linen, and silk textures for an elegant look. 

  • Privacy Needs 

You must know the level of privacy you will require from the curtains. If you want to hang it in the bedroom, you must choose thick fabric curtains like blackout curtains that will block the complete view from outside. Furthermore, you can also choose lightweight sheer curtains for the living room. 

  • Cleaning And Maintenance Requirements 

Always check the cleaning and maintenance method for curtains for small window curtains. You must choose curtains that allow machine washing. You can get all these details from the seller while buying the curtain. 

  • Compatibility With Existing Decor

Before finalizing the curtains for the small window, ensure they will perfectly contrast with your existing interior decor. You can contrast the curtains’ colors with your custom made furniture, upholstery, carpets , window blinds and throws colors. 

Final Words 

That was all the discussion about the 10 functional small window curtain ideas. We hope you can get a clear idea of choosing the most suitable curtain for your window. Make sure to buy the curtains from a reputable brand so they will last for several years.