Get High-Quality Carpets Abu Dhabi

All of your floor needs are met in our carpet store in Abu Dhabi. Omnifloor provides top-quality carpets Abu Dhabi that are made well and last a long time.

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Fast Delivery

Timely delivery right to your doorstep, ensuring your convenience.


Free Consultation

Expert advice tailored to your preferences, helping you make informed choices.


Professional Installation

Our skilled team ensures flawless carpet installation for a polished look.



We offer custom carpet in Abu Dhabi for your unique style preferences.

Elevate Your Home with our Luxury Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Our luxurious carpets in Abu Dhabi will instantly elevate any space with their beauty and create a welcoming atmosphere. Our carpets come in traditional and modern styles to pair with your existing home’s look.

Easy Maintenance

They come with stain-resistance to ensure hassle-free upkeep for busy households.

Luxurious Designs

Explore luxurious patterns and textures to enhance your home’s ambiance.

Carpets Abu Dhabi

We Ensure You Get The Highest Quality Carpets in Abu Dhabi.

We don’t compromise on carpet quality. Contact us today to transform your home.

A Closer Look at Our Collection of Carpets Abu Dhabi

Explore the diverse world of carpets Abu Dhabi. From luxurious mosque carpets to versatile carpet tiles, our selection caters to every taste, ensuring elegance and comfort in your space.

Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Mosque Carpets

Luxurious and plush mosque carpets offer unmatched comfort and add a touch of luxury to mosques in Abu Dhabi, creating a cozy ambiance.

Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Seamlessly covering entire rooms, wall-to-wall carpets Abu Dhabi provide a unified, elegant look while enhancing insulation and comfort underfoot.

Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Carpet Tiles

Versatile and practical, carpet tiles offer easy customization, allowing you to mix and match colors and patterns for a unique, modern aesthetic.

Stair Carpets

Designed for safety and style, stair carpets provide a secure grip on stairs while enhancing the visual appeal of your staircase in Abu Dhabi.

Carpets In Abu Dhabi

Red Carpets

Symbolizing grandeur, red carpets create a regal atmosphere, perfect for special events and occasions in Abu Dhabi, leaving a lasting impression.

Exhibition Carpets

Durable and visually appealing, exhibition carpets in Abu Dhabi add sophistication to event spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for attendees.

Transform Your Floors with Professional Carpeting Services

Our experienced team will expertly install new Carpets Abu Dhabi. We prep the floor for installation, seam edges, and stretch to prevent wrinkles and vacuum up debris. With regular professional cleaning, our carpets retain their beauty and last for years.

Personalized Consultations

Our experts provide in-depth consultations, understanding your needs and preferences ensuring the perfect carpet choice for your space.

Top Quality and Craftsmanship

Our carpets show the superior quality and craftsmanship, ensuring your space provides comfort, making a lasting impression on anyone who steps inside.

Our Recent Carpets Abu Dhabi Projects

View our gallery showcasing stunning carpets Abu Dhabi projects we have completed for happy customers. Our portfolio highlights our quality craftsmanship and ability to bring your vision to life.

Buy Our Stylish Carpet in Abu Dhabi & Enjoy a 10% Discount!

You can call us today to get started with your carpet installation in Abu Dhabi. Our team is always available to transform your home.

We Ensure the Perfect Carpets Abu Dhabi Installation in Every Project

Our skilled technicians have years of experience installing all types of carpeting. We ensure proper subfloor prep, precise measuring, expert seam work, wall-to-wall stretching, and vacuum cleaning. Our process results in smooth, wrinkle-free carpets Abu Dhabi that will enhance your space.

What Our Customers Say

You can see the words of our satisfied customers about their experience for their carpeting needs. Our commitment to quality shows in their reviews.

Why Choose Us for Best Carpets Abu Dhabi?

Experience unmatched expertise and a vast selection with us. Our carpets in Abu Dhabi offer superior quality and customization, ensuring your home floor becomes soft and elegant.

Skilled technicians

Our experienced installers ensure a smooth and professional installation.

Wide selection of quality carpets

We offer a diverse range of carpet materials, patterns, and colors in our store.

Happy Customers
Team Members
Years of Experience

FAQs About Our Carpets Abu Dhabi Services

Explore our FAQs to find answers to some basic questions about our carpet service­s. If you have more questions, you can call us for customize­d assistance.

Absolutely, we encourage our customers to review carpet samples before finalizing a purchase. Our showroom has a variety of samples available so you can get a close look at colors, patterns, textures, and feel. Seeing and touching samples allows for a more informed decision.

Yes, we regularly offer special promotions, seasonal sales, and volume discounts for our valued customers. Contact our team to learn about current offers that can help make purchasing high-quality carpets more affordable. We will surely work within your budget.

We have many beautiful carpets from Iran at our store in Abu Dhabi. These carpets are handmade and very special. They are made traditionally in Iran. It means they are crafted carefully with hands, not by machines. The designs on these carpets are very detailed, and they feel very soft and comfortable.

Mosque carpets are distinguished by their colorful geometric and floral motifs, which are woven with the finest wool and silk. They often feature a central medallion with detailed motifs and multiple ornate borders. The high density of their hand-knotting gives mosque carpets their long-lasting durability and thickness.


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