What is a Curtain Box? Is it Necessary for Blinds?  

Do you want a clean appearance on the top of the window by hiding headrails and tracks? Then, you need to install a curtain box. This box is typically manufactured with plywood and hardwood to hide the imperfections above the mounted curtains. If this term is new to you, then you are not the only one. 

In this blog, we will explain what a curtain box is. Is it necessary for blinds? So, read this blog carefully by Omnifloor.ae to expand your knowledge about the curtain box and its importance. Without keeping you waiting, let’s start learning. 

What Is a Curtain Box? And Its Purpose 

A curtain box is the space above the top of the window. It is not like a box but a space occupied by wooden planks. It will hide the rod, headrails, tracks, and wire above the curtains, ultimately providing an elegant and beautiful appearance. 

Purpose Of Curtain Box

There are countless purposes for curtain boxes, some of which are below. Let’s explore them: 

  • Concealing Hardware 

The primary purpose of a curtain box is to gracefully conceal curtain hardware such as rods, rings, and other mounting components. 

  • Provide Fullness Curtain Look 

A curtain box, also known as a valance box, helps to give window curtains a fuller appearance. Furthermore, these window coverings extend beyond the sides. 

  • Prevent Wear And Tear 

As the curtain box prevents the upper part of the curtains, it will ultimately help improve the lifespan of your window treatment. 

Is The Curtain Box Necessary For The Blinds?

Curtain Box

The curtain box is not always necessary for the blinds. These boxes are only crucial for your curtains if they are roughly mounted with the tracks, rods, and headrails. Moreover, below are some points when curtain boxes are useless. Let’s explore them: 

  • When The Headrail Of Window Treatment Is Already Hidden 

The curtain box is useless if the headrails, valance clip, or other curtain hardware is hidden or designed elegantly. 

  • Design Of Curtain Poles 

If your curtain poles are customized or match the home decor, hiding them with a curtain box will not be a good choice. 

  • Small-Sized Room 

The curtain box is designed to take up some space. So, if your room is small, installing these boxes will make it look more congested. 

  • Ceiling Height 

If your place’s ceiling is low, you can use the curtain box to make it look cramped and unattractive. 

  • Budget Consideration 

The curtain box is a decorative element to improve the appearance of your place. If your budget is limited, you must buy high-quality curtains and skip the curtain box. 

Different kinds of Curtain Box 

The curtain boxes are available in different types. So you can buy curtain box designs that fit your interior. 

  • Add-on Type 

The add-on type of curtain box sticks to the wall to hide only the headrails and tracks. This type of curtain box will not improve the overall indoor aesthetics.  This is just like a traditional wooden slat that will stick to the wall. 

  • Embedded-Type 

This type of curtain box embeds the curtain or blinds in the ceiling. You can also use indirect lighting with this box to improve the overall atmosphere of the place. Moreover, the embedded curtain box does not make the place look congested. 

  • Half Embedded Type 

The third type of curtain box is half-embedded. This box extends from the ceiling downwards. Ultimately, it combines with encased-beam curtain designs. So that all the headrails, tracks, and wires are hidden in this box to provide the most sophisticated, streamlined, and elegant look.

Recommendations for the Size of Curtain Box

Here are some size recommendations for the curtain box. Let’s have a look at them carefully.


The depth of the curtain box for the different types of window blinds and curtains varies. For instance, in the case of honeycomb shades, Venetian shades, zebra blinds, and roller blinds is around 12-15cm. 

Moreover, the average depth for a one-layered pinch plate is around 12cm for sheer curtains. On the other hand, the one-layered ripple fold will be 16cm. 


According to the expert, leaving a minimum of 15 cm of width on the windows’ right and left sides is crucial. If there is space, you can extend the width of the wall to improve its aesthetics. Never use any additional window frame with the space furnished with an add-on curtain box. Moreover, never install the cornice frame within the window frames. 


Always leave at least 10cm of height to install the curtain box. The higher the curtain box, the better coverage of the headrail, rods, clips, etc. 

Things To Do Before Installation Of Curtain Box

Before installing the curtain box, there are a few things you need to notice. Check them out to avoid any hassle. 

  1. The curtain boxes are constructed separately by a carpenter. The curtain company is not responsible for the manufacturing and installation of these boxes. 
  2. If the window treatment is motorized, hire an electrician to distribute the wires and circuits before the installation of the curtain box. 
  3. You must confirm the size of the curtain box before manufacturing. If you skip this step, there is a chance of restricted space and unsuccessful installation of these boxes. You can hire professionals to know the exact measurement of the curtain box. 

Final Words 

What is a curtain box? Is it necessary for blinds? A curtain box is ideal for your place if the curtain hardware, like poles, headrails, and rods, is awful. Conversely, if this hardware is designed according to your space decor, you do not need to invest your money in a curtain box. 

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