Blinds or Curtains? What Works Best in Each Room

Blinds or Curtains ? Which One works better?

The blinds and curtains are essential to complete the home’s makeover. Moreover, these are not pieces of fabric covering the entire window. Meanwhile, they help to bring freshness,  beauty, and uniqueness to your place. The common concern that most people have is blinds or curtains. What works best in each room? 

If you are stuck at this point, this blog is perfect for you. In it, we will explain blinds vs. curtains and which of these window treatments works best for each of your home rooms. So read this blog by with great attention and determine which window treatment is ideal for each home room. 

Blinds Vs Curtains: What To Use In Different Rooms?

Here is a detailed explanation of blinds or curtains and what looks ideal for each room. So let’s explore them one by one.

  • Bedroom 

Curtains are the ideal choice for the bedroom to provide complete privacy. Blackout window curtains are a good choice for this purpose. These days, window blinds are also used in the room to improve its beauty and functionality. 

For instance, if your room is smaller and congested, you can use Roman or sheer blinds. The best tip for hanging blinds in a smaller room is to install them several inches below the ceiling. This approach will add depth and height to your room. Additionally, blinds in light colors hanging according to the above-mentioned style will make your ceiling taller, and the room feel brighter. 

On the other hand, blinds are not an ideal choice if your room is spacious. If you work a night shift and want to enjoy a peaceful sleep with complete darkness during the daytime, curtains with thick fabric are the best choice. In this case, you must install blackout curtains to block out noise and light from the surrounding area. 

  • Living Areas And Lounges 

Window Curtains are the ideal choice for the living room and lounges. This window treatment is available in different styles, patterns, designs, fabrics, and materials to provide perfect contrast with every type of interior. 

Furthermore, customized curtains options are suitable if you want to add a personal touch to your living areas. Rod pocket, grommet, tab top, pinch pleat, and box pleat-style curtains can transform the design of living areas and lounges. 

You can also use blinds in your living room and lounges if you want soft and refreshing light in your living space. When choosing blinds for the lounges and living areas, try to pick a color that contrasts with the existing color palette of these places. 

  • Bathrooms 

Blinds are ideal for the bathroom. They are designed with synthetic materials like PVC will be suitable for such places. These blinds are highly water-resistant and easy to clean. Additionally, the good thing is that blinds are designed with modern trends in mind. Ultimately, they will help keep your washroom’s decor up to date. 

Besides, you can use a thick lining with these blinds to get complete privacy. Furthermore, another important tip while choosing the blinds for the bathroom is to keep the length a few inches longer than a few inches wider so that this covers the entire window and blocks the view from outside. 

  • Kitchen 

The kitchen is prone to stains and splashes. Because of this, you must choose a window treatment that will look great with the kitchen interior and withstand these conditions. Window blinds are most suitable for the kitchen. 

Venetian blinds are very quick and easier to clean, and they are widely used in kitchens. Furthermore, you can also use timber and Aluminium blinds in your kitchen to achieve a streamlined and beautiful appearance. 

  • Home-Based Offices 

Home Based Office Curtains

If you have an office in your home and want to make it more professional and attractive, you can install curtains there. The crucial thing to notice while buying curtains for the office is to choose the style and color that complement the existing decor. 

Additionally, use blackout or valet curtains in pastel colors because they will block out all the noise from the surroundings, making it a more relaxing and ideal workplace without distraction. 

Things to Notice While Buying The Blinds Or Curtains For Your Room

A few things must be considered while buying blinds or curtains for your room. Look at them one by one to make the ideal decision. 

  • Personal Preferences

Always consider your preferences when choosing blinds or curtains for your rooms. For instance, what you like, your lifestyle, and what type of decor or functionality you want in your space. 

  • Budget 

Note your budget before buying curtains or blinds for your room. Blinds are more expensive than curtains. So, if budget is not a concern, you can choose the window treatment of your choice. 

  • Maintaining And Upkeep 

If you can spend time cleaning and maintaining the window treatment, you can easily install curtains in your space. On the other hand, if you need quick and flawless cleaning and maintenance, you can go with blinds. 

Final Words 

What about blinds vs. curtains? What works best in each room? Both of these window treatments are ideal for improving the beauty and functionality of your space. But make sure not to neglect the purpose of your room, personal preferences, budget, and maintenance before making any choice. 

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