The Best Gyms in Abu Dhabi

Best Gyms in Abu Dhabi | Best fitness gyms in Dubai | Best Health Fitness gym in Abu Dhabi |

Abu Dhabi has many great gyms to choose from. Working out is important to stay healthy and strong. The best gyms have nice equipment, helpful trainers, fun classes, and clean spaces. This article talks about 7 best gyms in Abu Dhabi that are trusted by many people.

Top 7 Gyms in Abu Dhabi

1-F45 Training

F45 Training is a popular gym in Abu Dhabi. F45 means functional training with 45-minute workouts. The 45-minute classes mix different exercises to work your whole body. The trainers show you how to do each exercise move. 

There are over 2000 different fast-paced workouts. So you never get bored! You can pick classes based on your fitness level – beginner, intermediate or advanced. Many people like the motivating trainers and fun group energy at F45.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 56 332 3113


2-Gym Nation

Gym Nation has over 100 gyms across the UAE. The Gym Nation in Abu Dhabi Marina Mall is massive at 32,000 sq ft. It has tons of cardio and weight machines – over 200!  Plus there are 150+ group classes each week like yoga, boxing, dance, and more. 

Perks include big locker rooms, towel service, a juice bar, and a kid’s play area. Joining fees start low but go up for nicer gyms. Still, Gym Nation offers classes and facilities at reasonable rates.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 32 632 2311


3-Cobra Fitness

For a boutique personal training gym, check out Cobra Fitness.  The space has soft lighting and comfortable decor. Sessions take place in semi-private training areas. Expert trainers assess your fitness and health first. Then they design customized programs so you can reach your goals safely. 

Programs combine sensible nutrition plans too. Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, run faster, or lift heavier – Cobra Fitness trainers can help. Fees are higher but you get quality one-on-one coaching.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 55 616 0996


4-Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym in Khalidiya offers both casual workouts and serious training.  With rows of treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, and weight machines – it caters to regular gym goers. But Gold’s also has an Olympic lifting area, boxing ring, and MMA cage for intense sessions. 

Group classes like Zumba, yoga, HIIT, and more run daily as well. Gold’s is affordable, especially with longer memberships. The bodybuilder vibe makes it popular with men aiming to bulk up. But all fitness levels will find what they need.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 02 563 1900


5-Lifeline Wellness

For a true luxury gym experience, try Lifeline Wellness. This is one of the best gyms in Abu Dhabi that has minimal members for privacy. Get fit with options like personal training, Pilates apparatus, sports rehab, and spa therapies. Or take Gyrotonic sessions – flowing movements to stretch and strengthen muscles. 

The program suits active, injured, or immobile bodies. Lifeline also offers health services like nutrition planning, stress management, and sleep therapy. Expect to pay a premium but the quality treatment may impress.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 2 546 3000


6-CrossFit Al Forsan

Love high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? Give CrossFit Al Forsan a go. CrossFit combines powerlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, and more into fast blasts. The workouts change daily to shock your system. Scaling options make sessions doable for anyone. 

But expect to be pushed by the motivating coaches! Besides amazing fitness gains, members bond over digging deep together. The box features bumper plates, rigs, ropes, rings, and more gear for functional moves. If you crave big energy group training that transforms bodies, check out CrossFit Al Forsan.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 800 9900


7-The Room Gym

Prefer more chill yet results-driven sessions? Visit The Room Gym. This boutique center offers personal training and small group classes daily. Programs provide steady progress with attention to form and safety. The Room’s trainers hold certifications in areas like strength and conditioning, kettlebells, and TRX. 

Classes serve up HIIT, circuits, and interval runs too. But the cozy warehouse space keeps energy mellow. Members praise the community vibe amongst regulars and trainers. Packages exist for solo training or bringing friends. Expect custom plans that help you meet goals in a welcoming atmosphere.

Contact Information

Phone: +971 2 444 4945



According to Omni Floor’s research, Abu Dhabi contains amazing gym options spanning all interests, goals, budgets, and fitness levels. Check out the best gyms in Abu Dhabi like Gym Nation and Lifeline Wellness, specialized martial arts academies. Whatever health objectives you aim to achieve like weight loss, strength gains, skills development, or simply general welfare, Abu Dhabi’s top fitness centers help you achieve it. Use this guide to choose the right gym in Abu Dhabi for your needs then start bettering your physical and mental wellness today.